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Day 07 & 08!!!!

No, no, no….I didn’t fall off the workout wagon….I just did not have access to the internet to post how painful day 07 was!!!! 😦

Firstly, I really need to start working out at a fixed time…On day 07, Saturday that is…I was home, chilling out with my brother after a looong time…So, I started my workout almost at noon….& I barely finished one set of the squats & I got a phone call & I had to rush to finish off an errand!By evening , I was lazzzzy & was dreading the workout…..But the embarrassment of falling off the routine motivated me to do the workout…& man, It was a torture!!!!! 😦  40 situps!!!!! (though , I did them in 2 sets of 20 each…but c’mon!!!!)

Oh…And the squats…As I had done one set of squats in the afternoon, I did think of doing just one set this time…but then I tried to challenge myself & do 2 sets..& I did pull it off 🙂

So, the horrible day 07 workout was:

I sure did sweat it out! But on a positive note, I survived one whole week!!! 🙂 I know its not a lot…but as they say, “Well begun is half done” I just hope I can stick to the plan & be able to have a weight loss success story 🙂 (Which by the way is the best fairy tale ever 🙂 )

Today , being a rest day , I am chilling out and at the same time,  mentally preparing myself for another tough week to come 🙂

Wish me luck and do keep reading & liking & commenting on my posts… cos that is the best motivation of all 🙂


Day 06!

Today was relatively better….but I am still not good at the sit ups…after 20…I am unable to lift myself up…I end up taking a break for a minute or two before starting all over again…

On a brighter note, I did include the surya namaskar for my routine today and I did execute it perfectly 🙂 (I know I keep looking for reasons to feel proud of my teensy weensy achievements but somehow its these little things that keep me going when I am all sweaty and ready to give up! 🙂 )

I had initially hoped that along with the workout , I would also try to take a 45 minute brisk walk or include some sort of aerobic exercise in my routine…It hasn’t happened yet….but I sure hope I will eventually do that too…

Anyway, My workout for today was:

I hope I can pull off tomorrow because tomorrow’s schedule does look intimidating…Wish me luck:)

Day 04

Well, Today has been the easiest 🙂

I am awesome at what was planned for today : REST 🙂

I know I had planned to go for a walk or do something…but I let myself slack….I thought to myself, I might as well take the day off when I am supposed or else I might burn out when the workout really cranks up 🙂

I didn’t need a lot of convincing to cuddle up in my blankie and take the day off:)

I just hope tomorrow I get all charged up and step up my workout…Wish me luck:)

Day 03 :)

Let me first start by saying Thank you for the likes, comments and follows…It definitely does lift up your morale to see that there are people who like what you have to say and they support your efforts 🙂 It sure does motivate you to stay on track (as I mentioned in My Plan…I tend to be a people pleaser…finally its paying off :D)

So, back to my Day 03 , much to my surprise, unlike yesterday, I did not experience muscle pain or soreness on waking up…I felt good.. pretty normal…So, that in itself was a motivation to stick to the challenge….


However, as I have not yet been able to wake up early, I had a lot of interruptions during my workout ….Deliveries, Posts, Phone calls…even my neighbour with whom I barely interact felt the need to drop in to say Hi!!! Still…despite it all…I did check off everything in today’s workout schedule 🙂

Today the workout did feel a bit difficult… the sit ups felt impossible to start at…after 15 reps, I almost felt like giving up..but pushed through the last 10 (though not as perfectly as the first 10! ) images (7)

Also the squats had 2 sets today…..2nd set needed a lot of loud counting (to self motivate) and some breaks for 1-2 mins between the different variations of Squats.

Anyway, the workout schedule for the day was as follows:

Not highly impressed with my form today but definitely proud of being able to finish the whole workout as pre-decided…

Post workout today, my body does feel sore..but as suggested by Dawn (from fat 2 skinny in 1 year ) , I had a nice warm bath  ( No Epsom salts in the house..I need to go get me some) & that did help.. 🙂 ( Thank you Dawn :* )

Tomorrow is supposed to be a Rest day 🙂 but I do hope to go for a brisk walk or something in the evening…just to maintain the momentum that I have developed… I hope to continue my journey and improve my form along with my stamina and it would be awesome if I ended up losing some flab (okie…I hope I end up losing ALOT of flab in the process :p)

Wish me luck and do continue supporting me :*

Day 02!!!:)

No…I didn’t fall out 😀

Yes…I am still on track :p

But before I start telling how amazing I felt after pulling off day 2’s workout…Lemme tell you how horribly sore I was the whole morning…I was moaning, my muscles were sore & I just didn’t want to get out of bed!

But, at the same time I didn’t want to admit failure online for the whole wide world to see…(In case anyone is following my post:P), I did manage to get out of bed , eat some fruit before I got to working my ass (& abs…& thighs…oh my thighs..they hurt!) off….

So, this was my workout for Day 2 of the fitness Challenge:

Well, Once I started the reps.. it was amazing…My body complied & didn’t complain…And I was amazed and happy to be able to do 20 sit ups without any break!

Post workout I had an awesome poached egg and tomato sandwich in brown bread:)

For the rest of the day too , I ate healthy low calorie homecooked foods…

I am proud of myself 🙂 & I think the fact I am making these healthy changes to my life is going to be the best thing at the end of my challenge..

Looking forward  to Day 03:)

DAY 01!!!!

An awesome day 1 I should say:)

I was soooo anxious last night about today..Though I had planned to wake up super early and be done with the workout challenge, today was SUNDAY!!!! To elaborate, this means I had a super late Saturday night….And to make it worse, I had a loooong seminar to report to by 10:00! I know 10:00 sounds late but it isn’t when you are sleep-deprived and in a rush!

Well, anyway, I am super proud of myself & happy to report that inspite of everything, I did stick to the workout 🙂

So, this was my workout for DAY 1:

I know I did a few extra crunches and leg raises than mentioned in the plan…but I personally, felt I could push myself a little more…it may not be for everyone….

Also, I added Surya namaskar to my workout.



Apart from the whole range of benefits of Surya namaskar or sun salutation, I enjoy doing it and feel great after…so that reason trumps all 😀


Also, as far as the diet is concerned, My diet for the day was:

6:45 am woke up

7-7:10 am  Ate 1 fresh mango (its in season 🙂 ) ……10-15 mins pre workout

8:00-8:15 am  Ate 2 slices of brown bread with homemade roasted pepper &tomato hummus ……………………………………………..15 mins post workout

10:15-10:30 am  4 home made wholewheat chocolate cookies

12:30 pm  home made veg noodle stirfry

1:15 pm Starbucks frappuccino with non fat milk and no toppings

8:30 pm 1 plain dosa (rice flour crepe) & 1 steamed idli with coconut chutney

I know that my diet plan wasn’t perfect…I should not have had such a long break between lunch and dinner…but m hoping to get better 🙂


So, ending my blog on day 1…This whole month thing is going to need alot of dedication and prioritising….but it sure does feel good to be able to pull it off… I am kinda sore and sleepy but I read somewhere that the soreness almost disappears within a few days…so fingers crossed:)