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Day 07 & 08!!!!

No, no, no….I didn’t fall off the workout wagon….I just did not have access to the internet to post how painful day 07 was!!!! 😦

Firstly, I really need to start working out at a fixed time…On day 07, Saturday that is…I was home, chilling out with my brother after a looong time…So, I started my workout almost at noon….& I barely finished one set of the squats & I got a phone call & I had to rush to finish off an errand!By evening , I was lazzzzy & was dreading the workout…..But the embarrassment of falling off the routine motivated me to do the workout…& man, It was a torture!!!!! 😦  40 situps!!!!! (though , I did them in 2 sets of 20 each…but c’mon!!!!)

Oh…And the squats…As I had done one set of squats in the afternoon, I did think of doing just one set this time…but then I tried to challenge myself & do 2 sets..& I did pull it off 🙂

So, the horrible day 07 workout was:

I sure did sweat it out! But on a positive note, I survived one whole week!!! 🙂 I know its not a lot…but as they say, “Well begun is half done” I just hope I can stick to the plan & be able to have a weight loss success story 🙂 (Which by the way is the best fairy tale ever 🙂 )

Today , being a rest day , I am chilling out and at the same time,  mentally preparing myself for another tough week to come 🙂

Wish me luck and do keep reading & liking & commenting on my posts… cos that is the best motivation of all 🙂