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Day 0

THE BIG DAY IS HERE!!!! 🙂 download (1)

I am super happy…I do wish I hadn’t missed out on my last week of workout…but I am proud of myself for accomplishing the personal challenge I had set for myself 🙂

I don’t how many of you reading this know how this feels but it feels super amazing for a highly unfit round person like me to be able to do the strenous workout of day 30 successfully..                      download (2)



I know this may sound borderline boastful but I already feel like a svelte-toned-sexy-fit-gym-freak-modeldownload (4)

(though its still a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away dream 😛 ) as I type my workout schedule that I survived of Day 30 🙂 :

Post work out I am way exhausted but I guess the fact, that today was day 30, kept me going 🙂

So, In conclusion…..

Was it easy?

Nope…this was probably one of the most difficult self imposed challenge I had ever taken up…But the motivation to not give up was there….I have had bad days and pitfalls….But I guess, the need to overcome myself has been a factor and definitely worth mentioning is the fact that you, my fellow bloggers have encouraged my efforts through your comments and likes….It motivated me to push myself so that I would have something to post about and to not fail..So, thank you for that 🙂

Have I achieved all I set for in my PLAN in these 30 days?

Well, not entirely…I still haven’t begun waking up at 5-5:30 am or started to go to bed at 22:00-23:00…                                        IMG_94599501905425

I have begun eating healthy, though I still have bad days where I end up completely binge-eating… IMG_52078998365288


I definitely have begun burning my calories…and most importantly, I have begun looking forward to my workouts instead of making excuses to avoid working out …images (15)

and to that I say, Cheers 🙂

P.S : In case you are wondering what’s next….Don’t worry…I am coming up with the plan for July 2014…keep checking this blog for updates


Day 22 :)

8 days to go!!!:)

I know its not a contest or anything but it feels awesome to be on the verge of accomplishing a challenge… especially when being regular isn’t my strong suit…

the workouts are now getting longer…but surprisingly my body is cooperating and allowing me to do them..it just gets a little monotonous counting more than 50 😛 but other than that I am good to go…

Today’s rigorous schedule was as follows :

It feels awesome 🙂

Cant wait for day 0! 🙂

DAy 20 :)

Wow…cant believe its just 10 days to go 🙂

Today was my rest day…So life is good…

But yesterday…the day 19 workout was gruesome!But I survived:)

day 19 workout comprised of :

I should let you know I feel awesome…Though during the work out it seems alot to count upto 86 and 100…but post work out looking at these numbers amazes me n feels like an achievement… I cant wait to reach day 30!!! 🙂


Day 18!!!

I know I have had a rough patch past few days but I am glad to inform that I am back 🙂

& boy am I glad…Just 12 more days 🙂

Today I was taken by absolute surprise…When I saw the plan for day 18 , I wasn’t sure my body would comply to the demand of the workout schedule… 80 sit ups!!! 110 crunches!!! These words themselves sound like a horrible nightmare or a bad joke to a fat girl… and especially after not being consistent for the past couple of days, I was verry unsure …..But to my surprise, working out all these past few days paid off… I not only completed the workout with ease but also did so with minimum breaks 🙂 To someone overweight, this seems like an unbelievable dream 🙂

So, enough about me being awstruck 🙂 my workout schedule for day 18 was as follows:

So, all in all today was a good day 🙂

I do feel hopeful now to finish my quest as planned 🙂


Day 13!

Day 12 was awesome…absolute rest day 🙂

Day 13 had its challenges…but I am proud to inform that I did manage to wake up at 6 am 🙂 and workout today’s schedule ( I did struggle but I managed to achieve my goal for the day 🙂 )

Today’s workout plan was as follows:

I still struggle with my crunches and sit ups and of course the plank! But I have begun feeling the BURN post workout in my abs and a li’l on my thighs too..Hope this hints at losing the muffin top and less of thunder thighs 🙂 fingers crossed 🙂

images (5)

day 11 :) :) :)

Today was a good day 🙂

  1. I woke up at 5 : 30 am 🙂 Yes….Finally…:) We still need to see if it was a one time thing or is this one going to stay 🙂 but for today, am proud of myself! 🙂
  2. I survived the gruelling workout plan of the day….Though I split the targets into numerous sets…I didn’t lose out to any exercise.. 🙂
  3. I survived 42 seconds of PLANK!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 
  4. It is barely 11: 40 pm and I am tooo sleepy ( which is good cos it means I wont be a night owl tonight 🙂 )

So, my workout plan for the day was:

My body is kinda sore…but I feel good…happy 🙂

I haven’t weighed myself yet or noticed much change in the way my clothes fit me…but in these 11 days, I sure do feel fit and healthy 🙂 So, I am guessing atleast a part of my goal has begun to shape up…to be healthy 🙂

Wishing hard for the other half to shape up soon too and shape me up all sexy 😉