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I am Alive! (barely)

No, I did not fall off the edge off the Earth….I was down with flu (which is worse)…Runny nose, sore throat, body pain ..the works…


On the plus side, I am recovering….On the minus side….I lost out 5 days of workout…n that too in my last week of the challenge!!! Also, as I was sick , I ate and drank whatever would please my throat and mood (that translates into a lot of bowls of hot slurpy pasta soup and  warm comforting french toasts with more than a few squeezes of hot chocolate sauce)


So, to summarize… I have devoured a few calorie bombs in these past few days and haven’t worked out…but am feeling better (still a slightly runny nose with some cough too but thankfully no headaches n body pains)….So, I hope to get on my exercise wagon and try to salvage my last 3 days and hope that it redeems me ….Wish me luck 🙂




Day 16 (Daddy’s girl)

🙂 I know it has been 3 days since the last post….Unlike the previous times I did not have any internet problems… I had emotional problems 🙂 I know it probably sounds lame! but that’s my reason… Sunday was Father’s Day 🙂 I know its silly to have a day to tell someone how special they are in our lives but when the person isn’t in your life any more , these days gain a lot of significance…I lost my dad 1.5 year ago..suddenly…without a goodbye n ever since it hurts…

I spent most of these 3 days doing nothing really… watched  tv , went for short drives, did pointless little errands…so as not to get all teary eyed & nostalgic and all…

Its not that I didn’t workout at all… I did half of day 14’s scheduled workout

and on day 15 I did good…

I just did not have the mental energy to type about it all…

Anyway, am good now and am glad that my moods did not stall my workouts too much…I dont know if I have lost any weight yet but I am fit to do the 95 crunches and 65 sit ups…n that says a lot for a person who is presently round in shape (not exaggerating)

I hope to keep posting and hopefully being blessed with success…Thank you all for walking along with me and extending your support towards my goal 🙂

Day 10! ! ! Ouch! ! ! :(

I hope you get the idea from today’s blog title that today HURTS!

My body is sore…even post a hot shower!!!

I barely scraped through today’s schedule…& I must confess I am very intimidated by the challenge!!! I know it is a bit of a late response to have cold feet on  DAY 10….. but till today, I was confident my body could do the target schedule…but now, am not too sure…the workout schedule is getting tougher and my body isn’t complying as much 😦

I am not being melodramatic….I failed to hit one of my target exercises today  😦 😦 😦 THE PLANK !!!!

images (13)


 The schedule demanded that I do 38 seconds of plank but I let go at 28 seconds & in my second attempt at a measly 12 seconds (though , I could have sworn that the second’s hand on my watch was toooo slow today 😦 )


Also, to accomplish my most feared SIT UPS , today, I had to again split the 50 situps into 2 sets of 30 and 20…and I barely survived….

Here is today’s scary schedule:

The only upside today, is that I am exhausted & kind of drowsy at 9 pm ….Hopefully, this will help me hit the sack early & have my target 5:30 am early morning!!!!