The Plan


As you have read in my title, I am a Fat girl (yes, I know its not politically correct but what the hell, its about me & I know I am fat…)

But this ends today…No..I am not gonna miraculously lose all the weight (God, I wish it was a possibility!)

I am taking charge of things  and finally doing something about it…I am going to make a blog entry everyday from today so that I will b accountable for my excuses not to work out!

I know it doesn’t help if I don’t tell people around me about this…yet….but hopefully there will be millions of people online to judge me & read my blog so I feel compelled to perform (yes, I am a people pleaser :P)

They say it takes around 35-40 days for your mind to get used to something new & make it a habit….I don’t want to just lose weight  but want to gain a healthy reasonable approach to life…So instead of making sudden drastic changes to my life & then falling back to my old ways , this time I am planning to make slow feasible changes to my current schedule & hoping to stick to them….So this is the plan:

  • Start waking up early…by 5-5:30 am ( I read this somewhere that one’s metabolism is high in the morning so exercises n diet changes to the morning schedule determine your state of health….sounds reasonable…..worth a shot)
  • To wake up that early, start going to bed early…by 22:00-23:00 ( I know it sounds boring but there needs to be a disciplined schedule….it is high time)
  • Also start eating healthy…to make myself very clear…I don’t mean banning any foods…I am a die-hard Foodie &  from a lot of my past experiences, I have learnt that not eating certain foods causes me to have such severe cravings that eventually I fall off the diet plan & go absolutely rogue….So,for this time around, My plan is to learn and practise portion control & also make substitutions so that instead of empty calories , I consume some nutrition e.g. instead of binging on french fries,  I rather eat some homemade baked sweet potato fries or carrot chips
  • I also need to start planning and sticking to the plan of eating certain foods at certain times.. I read this in Rujuta Diwekar ‘s book “ Don’t lose your mind, Lose your weight“…… Apparently certain foods are digested better at certain times and they provide nourishment but when eaten at some other times they just end up being converted to fat and land on your hips….
  • Lastly, but most importantly, I need to burn the calories… & there is no substitute to working out.. I need to realise it, repeat it  and believe it. So, the plan is work out 6 days a week.

I know it sounds all very ambitious…So, to make this happen I am going to go slow till 31st May 2014…but from 1st June 2014..Its crunch time…No excuses just performance!

I am hoping to stick to the plan & eventually transform just like this chic 🙂


Wish me luck…


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