DAy 20 :)

Wow…cant believe its just 10 days to go 🙂

Today was my rest day…So life is good…

But yesterday…the day 19 workout was gruesome!But I survived:)

day 19 workout comprised of :

I should let you know I feel awesome…Though during the work out it seems alot to count upto 86 and 100…but post work out looking at these numbers amazes me n feels like an achievement… I cant wait to reach day 30!!! 🙂


2 responses to “DAy 20 :)

  1. mirandaleebriseno

    10 more days!! 😀 I mean, of course you gotta keep going even after those ten days, but how great is it gonna feel to see your first month done and over with and how much you did? Aaahh I’m just as excited for you as for myself! Keep going, girl!!

    • Thank u 🙂
      I m quite amazed myself…esp because I have never been sooo regular…I guess my plan is working 🙂
      Posting things online for the world to judge does seem to bring out alot of dedication 🙂

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