Day 09!!!

Today was gruesome!


Well, to name a few:

  1. I did not wake up early as hoped and planned….thus the schedule for the full day went for a toss…as a result the workout was pushed to 6 in the evening!!!! 😦                                                                                2495
  2. The work out itself was tooo difficult… 45 sit ups!!! I had to break them down to 3 sets of 15 to get through!!!                                            images (7)
  3. I binged 😦  Its not like I follow any strict diet….I am just avoiding fatty, fried junk food….but today I just ended up eating all that and more…We had an impromptu plan of a family dinner at a nearby restaurant & the family ordered fried cheese sticks with noodles and rice…. & I did not resist 😦 I did feel the guilt but that was when I was half away through my plate 😦 ….I know …..Horrible!Clipart of a Hungry Asian Girl Binge Eating on Junk Food - Royalty Free Vector Illustration by BNP Design Studio


Anyway to sum up today’s work out…it was :

I warned you that it was gruesome!!!!

I just hope I learn from today and get better tomorrow…Cause let me give you a heads up…I just took a sneak peek at tomorrow’s workout schedule & it is worse than today’s!!!!

If you are reading this, do comment in & suggest how do I stick to a fixed schedule and how do I stay away from Junk food ( it ends up finding me! 😦

images (11)

Thank you for reading 🙂



4 responses to “Day 09!!!

  1. Binge eating can really be a killer. You know what you’re doing while it’s happening but somehow you just cant stop. Been there done that! Looks like you’re not letting that discourage you from continuing your goal so don’t sweat it (or do 😉 ) Where are you getting your workouts from?

  2. mirandaleebriseno

    Last night, I was making homemade healthy mac and cheese when my parents came in with a box of pizza (my kryptonite). I ended up messing up the recipe really bad, so I chunked it all in the trash out of frustration, and there was that box of pizza just sitting on the counter…I was still good about it and only had one slice, but I still felt a little disappointed in myself since I had managed to stayed away from fast food all week.

    For me, I’m pretty good with my self-control and telling myself to find a healthier alternative. Also, it helps that I’m broke and can’t afford to go out and buy junk food.

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