Day 06!

Today was relatively better….but I am still not good at the sit ups…after 20…I am unable to lift myself up…I end up taking a break for a minute or two before starting all over again…

On a brighter note, I did include the surya namaskar for my routine today and I did execute it perfectly 🙂 (I know I keep looking for reasons to feel proud of my teensy weensy achievements but somehow its these little things that keep me going when I am all sweaty and ready to give up! 🙂 )

I had initially hoped that along with the workout , I would also try to take a 45 minute brisk walk or include some sort of aerobic exercise in my routine…It hasn’t happened yet….but I sure hope I will eventually do that too…

Anyway, My workout for today was:

I hope I can pull off tomorrow because tomorrow’s schedule does look intimidating…Wish me luck:)


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