Day 03 :)

Let me first start by saying Thank you for the likes, comments and follows…It definitely does lift up your morale to see that there are people who like what you have to say and they support your efforts 🙂 It sure does motivate you to stay on track (as I mentioned in My Plan…I tend to be a people pleaser…finally its paying off :D)

So, back to my Day 03 , much to my surprise, unlike yesterday, I did not experience muscle pain or soreness on waking up…I felt good.. pretty normal…So, that in itself was a motivation to stick to the challenge….


However, as I have not yet been able to wake up early, I had a lot of interruptions during my workout ….Deliveries, Posts, Phone calls…even my neighbour with whom I barely interact felt the need to drop in to say Hi!!! Still…despite it all…I did check off everything in today’s workout schedule 🙂

Today the workout did feel a bit difficult… the sit ups felt impossible to start at…after 15 reps, I almost felt like giving up..but pushed through the last 10 (though not as perfectly as the first 10! ) images (7)

Also the squats had 2 sets today…..2nd set needed a lot of loud counting (to self motivate) and some breaks for 1-2 mins between the different variations of Squats.

Anyway, the workout schedule for the day was as follows:

Not highly impressed with my form today but definitely proud of being able to finish the whole workout as pre-decided…

Post workout today, my body does feel sore..but as suggested by Dawn (from fat 2 skinny in 1 year ) , I had a nice warm bath  ( No Epsom salts in the house..I need to go get me some) & that did help.. 🙂 ( Thank you Dawn :* )

Tomorrow is supposed to be a Rest day 🙂 but I do hope to go for a brisk walk or something in the evening…just to maintain the momentum that I have developed… I hope to continue my journey and improve my form along with my stamina and it would be awesome if I ended up losing some flab (okie…I hope I end up losing ALOT of flab in the process :p)

Wish me luck and do continue supporting me :*


5 responses to “Day 03 :)

  1. mirandaleebriseno

    I think June 1st was just a perfect day to start a routine! 😀 I just started really hitting the workout grind on Sunday also. Before, I had been going for runs and a couple of gym sessions at no regular intervals, so obviously that wasn’t doing me any good. Keep it up, girl!

  2. You will settle into the routine, just do what you can to overcome the distractions. Generally if you work out early in the morning it is best since fewer people are out and about.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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