Day 02!!!:)

No…I didn’t fall out πŸ˜€

Yes…I am still on track :p

But before I start telling how amazing I felt after pulling off day 2’s workout…Lemme tell you how horribly sore I was the whole morning…I was moaning, my muscles were sore & I just didn’t want to get out of bed!

But, at the same time I didn’t want to admit failure online for the whole wide world to see…(In case anyone is following my post:P), I did manage to get out of bed , eat some fruit before I got to working my ass (& abs…& thighs…oh my thighs..they hurt!) off….

So, this was my workout for Day 2 of the fitness Challenge:

Well, Once I started the reps.. it was amazing…My body complied & didn’t complain…And I was amazed and happy to be able to do 20 sit ups without any break!

Post workout I had an awesome poached egg and tomato sandwich in brown bread:)

For the rest of the day too , I ate healthy low calorie homecooked foods…

I am proud of myself πŸ™‚ & I think the fact I am making these healthy changes to my life is going to be the best thing at the end of my challenge..

Looking forward Β to Day 03:)


5 responses to “Day 02!!!:)

  1. You are doing awesome!! It takes courage and determination to exercise while sore from the previous days challenges. Just a few tips – eat something every two to three hours (keeps your metabolism at its highest) and try Epsom salt soaks for sore muscles (1-2 cups in a bath tub of warm water should help, especially right before bed; no bath tub? Then soak a wash cloth in hot water with Espom salt and hold it on your sore muscles). Always remember … You CAN do it!!

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