DAY 01!!!!

An awesome day 1 I should say:)

I was soooo anxious last night about today..Though I had planned to wake up super early and be done with the workout challenge, today was SUNDAY!!!! To elaborate, this means I had a super late Saturday night….And to make it worse, I had a loooong seminar to report to by 10:00! I know 10:00 sounds late but it isn’t when you are sleep-deprived and in a rush!

Well, anyway, I am super proud of myself & happy to report that inspite of everything, I did stick to the workout 🙂

So, this was my workout for DAY 1:

I know I did a few extra crunches and leg raises than mentioned in the plan…but I personally, felt I could push myself a little more…it may not be for everyone….

Also, I added Surya namaskar to my workout.



Apart from the whole range of benefits of Surya namaskar or sun salutation, I enjoy doing it and feel great after…so that reason trumps all 😀


Also, as far as the diet is concerned, My diet for the day was:

6:45 am woke up

7-7:10 am  Ate 1 fresh mango (its in season 🙂 ) ……10-15 mins pre workout

8:00-8:15 am  Ate 2 slices of brown bread with homemade roasted pepper &tomato hummus ……………………………………………..15 mins post workout

10:15-10:30 am  4 home made wholewheat chocolate cookies

12:30 pm  home made veg noodle stirfry

1:15 pm Starbucks frappuccino with non fat milk and no toppings

8:30 pm 1 plain dosa (rice flour crepe) & 1 steamed idli with coconut chutney

I know that my diet plan wasn’t perfect…I should not have had such a long break between lunch and dinner…but m hoping to get better 🙂


So, ending my blog on day 1…This whole month thing is going to need alot of dedication and prioritising….but it sure does feel good to be able to pull it off… I am kinda sore and sleepy but I read somewhere that the soreness almost disappears within a few days…so fingers crossed:)





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