2 days to go

So, The plan begins from June 1st 2014…

2 Days to go…

How do I feel…. ?

Highly unsure…. but atleast I do want to attempt and succeed…so that is a plus…

So as the days get closer, I have been planning my ideal workout plan… N coincidently I saw people on facebook inviting each other for this : 30 day ab challenge & 30 day squat challenge

I was intrigued…looks like alot of people are taking up being fit in June’2014 ;D

Anyway, before you think of enrolling and joing any of these challenges blindly, I feel you must read this post about the unseen pitfalls of these challenges :

Why the 30 day squat challenge wont help you!

After reading Kathleen Trotter’s above article, it confirmed my doubts about the trend…

But am not going to brush it off entirely, it does have some merits…

  1.  Alot of your friends seem to be doing it…Let’s face it, however old you may be, peer pressure does get to you! So using this peer pressure constructively, you can stay on track on a workout for 30days!!!! Now that is commendable:)
  2. If done correctly, the abs & squat workout will definitely help you lose some calories and build up stamina (It may not be alot but it sure will be something)
  3. It will (hopefully) get you committed to routine exercising:)

So, this is My Workout Plan for the next 30 days:

So, this may sound weird coming from a heavy weight girl…But I love Squats 😛 (I wasnt always this heavy;)

I thought just regular squats 250 times will get toooo boring and kinda tiring to count 😉 Lucky for me, I found this page showing how to do the same challenge with some variations.. Here is an easy download-able & printable version of the same

So apart from these squats , I plan to add the 30 day abs challenge to my routine along with a daily 1 hour brisk walking (if possible)

Apart from this , I hope to be eating lean and healthy

I hope this works and most importantly , I hope I stay consistent…So wish me luck:)



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